Black Bean Eggplant Curry

I know this one sounds a bit odd, I mean black beans and eggplant and make a curry out of it. What's that about? It sounds pretty "yegh" but trust me, it's delicious! It started off like most of my dinners. It's dinner time. I'm hungry. I've got no meat. I did, however, have loads … Continue reading Black Bean Eggplant Curry


Hot Sauce Potato Stacks

It feels good being back in the kitchen and trying new things out. Don't get me wrong, I like my "usuals" but having something different now and then and getting inspired by the amazing Pinterest just adds a spark to a mundane survival task like eating. This one isn't much but it was a nice … Continue reading Hot Sauce Potato Stacks

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

I want to say that I made this amazing coconut cake that led to the best events in my life including finding my soulmate and opening a restaurant, but I'd be lying. I also want to say I came up with this witty title to share the experience of making the best ever coconut cake, … Continue reading The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

Valentine’s Day Make-up and the like.

Alright so here's my first attempt to create a look that adheres to an occasion, if you will. Okay so I just really liked how my make-up looked yesterday so I decided, why not share it with you wonderful people? Okay so it's not exactly characteristic of usual "Valentine's day" make-up looks. I've seen so … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Make-up and the like.

The First of Many Stages of Writing a Paper

It has begun. The last semester of my entire BA programme. The last semester equals BA thesis writing. The one paper I have dreaded writing since day one. If it were possible, I'd jump into a black hole of nothingness for the entire semester just to escape writing that one paper. Only when I come … Continue reading The First of Many Stages of Writing a Paper

January Haul

I know we're quite into February already. The plan was for this post to go live on the 31st of Jan. And then, uni happened. To top it off, I became subject toย the disastrous common cold. Having a cold isn't so bad, but it does mess up my entire schedule the first couple of days … Continue reading January Haul