Where’s that girl?

Hello world!

Since Christmas, I have been huddled up in my little hole. Not comfortably in my bed watching the amazing shows Netflix has to offer or finally reading a book that has been staring at me for the longest of time on my book shelf. And no, I am not going out and about and socializing with other humans and having the time of my life.
I am going through the gruesome period of what is generally called the “student life”. The time that no one speaks of. The time that everyone stuffs into the box of memories labelled “Harsh Realities”. Yes, I am talking about the reality of a university student. The reality of spending countless amount of hours on studying one subject to the next and then praying for a pass because I don’t want to have to resit this subject, or worse, re-do the entire course next year.

Most of the people I see online have already gone through their finals and are enjoying a brand new semester of new courses and broadening their horizons with more knowledge and experiences. They got to spend time with their family and friends during the Christmas break and catch up on their reading.
Not me. I spent the entire break studying because my finals started on the 6th of January and will end on the 29th of January.
And entire month of studying.

Here’s a little preview of what my roaring nights look like:

2016-01-04 23.59.41

I always think that I will never survive my exams but thankfully I have up till now. It’s amazing how it gets more difficult every time to get over the fact that the exams might kill you. It should get easier, right? Nope. My body doesn’t think so.. my stress levels get so high around this time that I can’t think about anything else other than studying. It’s crazy, I know. I do, however, have one thing that gets my mind off it and that’s the tv series New Girl starring my favourite, Zoey Deschanel. The show is so therapeutic and hilarious it’s a must watch (even if you’re not looking for a break from exams). If you don’t already watch it, then I suggest you give it a go! Every episode is 20 minutes full of weirdness and hilarity, it makes life seem so simple.

It’s on Netflix too, so that’s a plus. It seriously always put a smile to my face. Let me know if any of you watch it too!

(I also can’t for the life of me get the theme song out of my head.. Hey girl, whatcha doing? Hey girl, where you going? Who’s that girl? IT’S JESS! -seriously catchy).

Furthermore, I have a couple of things planned for this blog, such as a photography post I completely forgot about! So that’s coming really soon. I also received some gifts from my mom, which were some make-up products I really wanted so I’ll be reviewing those too. And I also cannot wait to get back into my kitchen and start experimenting with recipes again!

I am really ready for this exam period to be over. Really.
Right now I’ve done 2 out of the 6, so I’ve still got a bit to go..

Until next time,

Still surviving and high on caffeine,


2016-01-10 15.23.26


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