It’s a Brand New 2016!

It’s already 2016, can you believe how quickly time flies? For me, 2015 was a year of changes and exploring new things, such as new places, new me, and my new blog! I finally moved out and am now living on my own in my studio apartment, which I absolutely love. I discovered new things about myself, like my love for cooking and baking and just little things about myself.

It was my first Christmas in the Netherlands and my first new years eve party here with friends! It’s safe to say I had a total blast and have no regrets. I’ve spent the last four years spending Christmas and new year in London with my uncle. Although I always enjoyed my time there, I can’t deny how much fun it was here! I was afraid I’d end up home alone in bed with Netflix for the holidays but I was so wrong. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in 2015, it’s that you make your own life. Depend on only yourself to have a great time and the rest will follow.

My love for baking and make-up has grown in the last year, which kind of led me to start up my new blog. I still can’t believe I actually started one and regardless of all the studying and stuff I have to do, I still want to continue this.

Speaking of new things and changes, I also recently found out that my best friend is getting married! Unfortunately, I missed her engagement party, which was on new years eve at midnight, so technically they stole the new year! It was on Aruba and done so quickly that I couldn’t make it. Hopefully I’ll be able to be present on the wedding day, I mean I better.. how can I miss my best friend’s wedding?! It’s an absolute love story, marrying the guy who has been your best friend all your life? At midnight on new years eve? How much more romantic can you get?

I am definitely ready for 2016. Ready for all the challenges and changes it has to bring. I am ready to finally get my BA in Arts and start my Master. I am ready to see new places (I’m going to Cardiff in May, yay!), I am ready for my best friend to get married (ohmygosh I feel so old, people around me are adulting), I’m ready for new things! I’m don’t do new year’s resolutions too well, so I just tend to focus on the little things. Like getting my BA and just fixing little things about myself. I want to worry less and be more care-free. I want to learn to love my imperfections and forgive others.

What are your new years resolutions? I’m always curious to know about others!

Let 2016 be the best yet! I wish this for myself and for all of you as well!

All the best, guys!


happy new year


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