Hello, Favourites!

Hi guys! I have always wanted Urban Decay's Naked palette. And now I finally am in the possession of my very first Naked palette! Thanks to my very lovely mommy who sent me a late Christmas present. She knows I've wanted it for so long and after going through the pit hole of disappointment in … Continue reading Hello, Favourites!


Chocolate Lovers, Anyone?

Chocolate lovers, they're everywhere right? I've got nothing against them. Heck I'M one myself. As I sit here nibbling my decadent piece of dark chocolate I wonder how there are actual human beings on this planet who find chocolate appalling. I mean, really, are you really human? Okay, okay. I get it. There are two … Continue reading Chocolate Lovers, Anyone?

Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

Hi guys! A while back (when Autumn felt like Spring), the sun was shining brightly and the leafs were just starting to change their colours. Rather than green, now the trees took on more "autumn-ey" colours (my fav!). The weather was at a nice and comfortable state where a cute leather jacket was required and … Continue reading Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

My New Year’s List

Every year, I start off with high expectation just like any other optimistic girl wanting to make this year the best one yet! Unfortunately, as life has it, these things don't usually work out. The disappointment is greater than actually failing that thing you had on your list about exercising more and eating healthy. With these … Continue reading My New Year’s List

Where’s that girl?

Hello world! Since Christmas, I have been huddled up in my little hole. Not comfortably in my bed watching the amazing shows Netflix has to offer or finally reading a book that has been staring at me for the longest of time on my book shelf. And no, I am not going out and about … Continue reading Where’s that girl?

It’s a Brand New 2016!

It's already 2016, can you believe how quickly time flies? For me, 2015 was a year of changes and exploring new things, such as new places, new me, and my new blog! I finally moved out and am now living on my own in my studio apartment, which I absolutely love. I discovered new things about … Continue reading It’s a Brand New 2016!