Last Summer, my mom and I made a trip to Miami and you know what that means? Shop. Shop. Shop. Everything is so much cheaper (sometimes) there when especially when it comes to make-up!

One day we ended up in Macy’s and they had an entire MAC make-up department so I got my self a couple of things from there..


I currently don’t own any foundation and I’m honestly scared to because I know how addicted you can get to it. It often transforms your entire face and I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back from that. BB cream, I have learned, is slightly more subtle than foundation. It does indeed contain foundation, but it also includes moisturizer, primer, and my favourite, sunblock.
I’ve had bad experiences with BB creams that come in a tube. It was basically spilled product every time I used it, which is a shame..
So, I decided to go with this instead! (Even though the nice lady who helped me out really recommended the tube. I just didn’t want to waste so much product again especially since it’ll be going through all kinds of different pressures during the flight(s).)

MAC makeup review 2

I’ve been using this Prep and Prime BB cream from MAC for quite a while now. I use it almost everyday and I love the fact that it’s got spf 30. My skin feels healthy and protected. It doesn’t give great coverage, though. So I think that’s what the lady at Macy’s meant.. The tube would give a more dewy effect and would have more coverage. Nonetheless, I’m quite content with this product and will be quite sad once it’s all gone…

This one’s the Prep+Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 Medium Plus.
It’s nicely packaged with blue/greenish glitters on it, which obviously makes it all the more fabulous! Although it’s not a liquid BB cream, it’s still got that nice creamy effect. It doesn’t make my skin look like it’s been packed on with makeup but rather gives it a natural healthy glow.

I got this for $31. It’s available here in the Netherlands for 29 euros.


Next is the Deep Blue Sea Fluid line Eye Pencil for $16,50 and 18,50 euros here in the Netherlands.

MAC makeup review

This eye pencil has the same effect of a fluid eye liner, which is really convenient. It’s extremely smooth and creamy. It’s a beautiful dark blue peacock colour. I wouldn’t say it’s completely matte since it’s got a bit of a shine to it. It’s not too bright, though and goes really well with a casual denim outfit or you could glam it up for a party! It lasts long too even though it isn’t waterproof (always a plus in my books!).

MAC makeup review 5

One thing about this product, though, is that when you’ve used up the tip you’d usually sharpen the pencil. This one however, isn’t an actual pencil so you’d have to roll up the tip. I feel like I spend centuries rolling it up to finally get some product out of it. But other than that I absolutely love it! Both the colour and the texture.

I also went ahead and bought the Blacktrack Fluidline for $16,50 and in the Netherlands it’s for 18,50 euros. It was the blackest of blacks, just like I wanted. This one, just like the Eye pencil, also has similar texture; smooth and creamy. It’s really easy to work with and it’s really pigmented. It comes in a cute little jar, which is easy to fit in anywhere.

I’m actually starting to prefer this one over my  Revlon eyeliner, which technically should be easier to work with. This product is really easy to work with, all you need is an eyeliner brush!

MAC makeup review 4

I also picked up the All That Glitters veluxe pearl eye shadow for $16 and in the Netherlands for 17,50 euros.

After my bad experiences with glittery eye shadows I had delved into the world of all matte eye shadows. Then I came across this one and oh my, I fell in love. It came in a little round black box. Simple and classic MAC. It definitely stood out, not for its packaging but rather for the product itself. It’s a beautifully pigmented rose gold champagne colour with a golden shimmer. It’s become my absolute favourite eye shadow in my makeup bag and its definitely worth recommending.

MAC makeup review 7

You can use it for a casual look but also build it up and go all glam!  I’ve got a tanned skin colour so, quite often, lighter coloured eye shadow shades just don’t show on my skin, or don’t give off the desired effect, even with primer. This eye shadow, fortunately, does not bring that problem. It compliments my skin tone quite nicely and I think it’s a shade that would go with most skin tones.

This swatch has been done without primer:
It was difficult to get the lighting right because in person it looks so much better!


To finish up the eyes, I also picked up the In Extreme Dimension 3D mascara in E35 for $22 and in the Netherlands it’s for 23,50 euros.


It comes in a black tube with a nice grip. The top of the tube matches the shape of the fingers, which makes it easier to gain a firm grip on the brush. The bristles on the brush are short and stiff and definitely avoids the lashed from clumping together. It makes my lashes look longer and thicker without clumping. This is already a deal-maker for me!


Lastly, I couldn’t leave without getting a lipstick. This one’s the Matte D for Danger A45 for $17 and in the Netherlands for 19,50 euros.

I have to say, I was definitely not disappointed by this product. It’s absolutely lovely and creamy and lasts so long! I hate it when I get lipstick everywhere, such as the glass I drink water from or if my lips brush against my scarf. I don’t have to worry about that with this one! (Well at least not as much worrying..)

I honestly don’t love MAC’s packaging of their lipstick. I feel like they could be a lot more.. well prettier? Apart from the packaging, I love this product! The colour is a beautiful pigmented pinkish red with a hint of purple. I think it’s such a great mix of colours I really can’t decipher it exactly. All I can say that it’s absolutely beautiful. I give two thumbs up for this one!

MAC makeup review 6

All in all, I loved all the products! My favourite would definitely be the eye shadow and the lipstick! I can’t live without the BB cream either…

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