Christmas Decor

Hi guys! ‘Tis the season!!

I love this time of year for it’s wonderful Christmas cheer. One of the things I love is decorating my place for the holidays. This is the first time I’m not packing my bags and flying to London to relatives. With all the work I’ve got to do it being my thesis-year and all.. I thought it would be better to stay back. I don’t actually have any family here in the Netherlands and most of my friends go back home to their parents or visit their family in the country for Christmas. So I’m going to have to figure out what I’m going to do this year. It’s my first time experiencing Christmas here in the Netherlands! Let’s see how that goes…

It’s also my first year celebrating Christmas in my own apartment so I was obviously really excited to get my decorations out and buy new ones this year! My apartment isn’t very big so there wasn’t all that much I could do but I’m glad with the way things look right now.

First off, my cute little centre-piece on my dining table:

At the very left I’ve got a cute little snow-globe with a snowman in it. The snow-globe is on this little train so it looks like the snowman’s the conductor. I fell in love with it when I saw it and just had to get it!


In the middle I’ve got a copper candle holder. I got this one from the Christmas market in Dusseldorf!  I absolutely love the cozy effect this gives off. The detail on the candle holder itself is beautiful.

IMG_6410To the right I’ve got a sort of “crystal” Christmas tree. It’s not actually crystal but I think it gives off that effect. It’s battery operated and changes colour, as you can see, every few seconds. IMG_6412Xmaspost1

I added some gold painted pine cones and some fake “grass”? It filled up the gaps and give it a nice Christmas-y rustic effect.


As a student, I don’t exactly have the space or money to buy an adult-sized Christmas tree. So, I’ve got a baby Christmas tree. I bought it in my first year and still love it. It’s got little crystals at the end of some of the branches and gives off this “snow” or “ice” effect. Although these little crystals sort of fall off every time I move the tree, I still love it. My Christmas tree is gold-themed this year as you can see from the golden star and baubles. The stocking, however, is obviously not gold but it’s a cute little ornament I got from the jewelry brand Pandora.

The star won’t stand straight but I think it’s imperfectness sort of adds to my imperfect yet perfect little tree.
Under the Christmas tree, I’ve got a snow-globe bauble with a snowman in it. The best part is that it lights up! The battery is almost out, though.. since it’s over a year old. It still looks cute, nonetheless!


This one is a little piece I’ve got on my bookshelf actually. It’s a jar with  “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go” written on it in red letters with a red bow at the opening. It’s so simple yet so adorable. I filled it up with golden Christmas balls and some fairy lights.


I’ve got a chandelier hanging over my dining table and decided to hang up some red and gold Christmas balls with some white tinsel. I couldn’t add much more because I’m afraid the chandelier might get too heavy or maybe it’s just my paranoia..

Since the other side of my room was left a bit bland, I decided to hang up some fairy lights on the wall and hung up some Christmas balls and tinsel. I had some more tinsel but I thought it’d get a little too much… tinsel. So, I decided to leave it the way it is.

Well, that sums it up for my Christmas decor up till now! Due to the lack of space in my room, I can’t do all that much without bumping into stuff while.. well.. living. I like to have room to move as well. So, I’m quite content with this although I have a feeling I might add some more things around my place…

Smile ’cause Christmas decor is adorable!



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