I know I haven’t exactly been really active on here lately… And this post isn’t going to add much to my blog but I just had to share this!

I was on Buzzfeed India’s website and came across this post: Greatest Indian-English Song Mash-ups

As a result, I am completely obsessed with this particular mash-up!ย 

“Lean On Rangeela”ย by the very talented Jai Matt ft. Mugdha Hasabnis , Dr. Srimix, proDiJy

I love both songs and mashed up it’s a real treat!

It’s amazing how mash-ups are now an upcoming thing in media. There are some out there that don’t appeal to me as much.. but some (like this one) just have this amazing effect where I can’t stop hitting the replay button!

I’m a big fan of the yearly Dj Earworm mash-ups where the best songs of the year are all jumbled up into a 3-4 minute song. But I’m really liking this two different language mash-up. It’s so “eargasmic” as some say! I do, however, understand why some people wouldn’t like this genre. Is this really a type of genre, though? Or is it just a mix? In my opinion, it’s becoming a genre since more and more people are doing it and it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. It has quite a distinct kind of sound regardless of the types of songs that are mashed up.

What is your opinion about mash-ups? Is it really an emerging genre?

Smile because this mash-up is amazing!







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