Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Last night, I was browsing Facebook and Pinterest and I came across how to make Oreo Churros. It seemed like such an amazing recipe that would have oh-so-satisfying results. I’m a great lover of classic churros, but Oreo churros sounded even better. I had never tried them before and decided to give it a shot. I love it when a recipe requires ingredients that I have lying around in my kitchen. You know what that means?
Spontaneous late night baking time. 

I followed the recipe by Popsugar. It looked absolutely amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The recipe required 20 Oreos but since I didn’t have that many Oreos, I decided to make half of the portion given. And basically just wing it in the kitchen.

Usually, when I “wing” things, it tends to work out. But other times.. it doesn’t really give me the results I’d like. I mean I’d like to pretend like everything I make is oh-so-delicious but let’s get real here, people. Nobody’s perfect and we can all learn from mistakes. But anyway, on to my failed attempt at Oreo churros:

Firstly, I made too much of the “wet” mixture. I added too much water thinking “oh, it’ll be alright!” It smelled good, so I wasn’t worried. (At this state I still hadn’t added it to the dry mixture, which included the flour, crushed Oreos, salt, and sugar)

churros wet mix
“Wet” mix: water, butter, brown sugar
Dry mix
Dry mix: flour, sugar, oreo cumbs, salt

Now, the dry mixture seemed just fine to me and I proceeded by adding some of the wet mixture to it. I didn’t use any measuring cups or anything for the wet mixture so I just sort of “went with it”. I added some to the dry mixture and I think I stopped at about half. I mixed it until it was all incorporated. At this point alarm bells should have started ringing but I was only thinking about how amazing it would be that the alarm bells flew right by me.

I started hearing the alarm bells after I’d added the eggs. The mixture wasn’t turning dough-like as it should. It was way too soft, more like a brownie mixture than anything else. But I thought “ah it won’t be exactly the way I want it, but it’ll be OK”. 

I piped them on to the baking tray to put in the freezer. They seemed okay at first but five seconds later, all the little circles I’d piped looked like POO. I swear, they looked like a dog doodoo’d  on my baking tray. But I put on my brave face and put them in the freezer anyway. I tried adding more flour and sugar to the mixture. It made a little difference, but not enough.

I decided to take a different approach and deep fry the mixture straight from the piping bag. Since the mixture was way too gooey it was pretty difficult to stop the mix from flowing from the piping bag into the hot oil.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture at this point because well.. I was in the midst of slowly panicking.)

I then rolled them in the “stardust” (mix of oreo crumbs and sugar) and set them on a plate along with the mix of the cream of Oreos and whipped cream.

Some of the churros were too crunchy (not what churros are supposed to taste or feel like) and others were softer, but still not “churro-ey”. The “stardust” felt like it needed more sugar, even though I put in loads. It felt like a strange sandy texture on the churros that should have been pleasant but really felt like something I wanted to brush off..


Oreo churro dipped in the cream dip.

So folks, lesson here is:
Follow instructions for churros to the dot.
Re-consider rolling the hot churros into crumbled Oreos.
Wet mix really makes a difference in the texture of the Churros.
Adding extra flour to the mix to make it more dough-like is not going to work.
Adding caster sugar instead of normal white sugar to the Oreo crumbs for the “stardust” would probably mix better.
Maybe freezing them and then frying them might be a better idea. (the frozen ones are still in the freezer and I’m scared to try them)

If you made this and it was a success (or not) I’d love to know!

Smile because you can always learn from a failed attempt!


I just took out the mixture that was in the freezer and within 2 minutes it started melting and, basically, I couldn’t scrape it off the baking tray since it was a blob on the tray.

See? Poopie-looking things. #fail

So, my oil was ready to go but I couldn’t get the Oreo mixture off the tray… Ahh well, until the next attempt!



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