Emojis are Replacing Words?

Recently, the Oxford Dictionaries announced their word of the year. But guess what! It’s not even a word! It’s an emoji. This emoji to be specific: f897573943c3ac237bd68c60c24fc864-620x400x1

What has this world come to? What happened to language, people?! I guess we are so engrossed in technology on a day to day basis that our method of communication is no longer a compilation of letters, but rather a little picture that shows some kind of emotion.

This completely blew my mind. I admit that I use these emojis quite often as well, but I didn’t expect it to reach the top of most used “words”.

I honestly would have figured “on fleek” would get there, which actually did make the list along with ad blocker, lumbersexual, Brexit, refugee, they, sharing economy, and Dark web.

“A picture tells a thousand stories” seems to be a reality at the moment. A little “digital image or icon”, as Oxford Dictionaries calls it, doesn’t just help a person convey their intended message through electronic communication, it actually replaces the entire message and basically conveys it through a tiny little pre-packaged icon.

As an English language student this may be alarming news… but this may even open doors to new methods of communication. Imagine a new course called “studying emojis”. At this rate, it doesn’t even sound that ridiculous.

Technology is creating a universal language, which is something that the world has had problems with for ages. So, I guess although it’s saddening how the eloquence of words is being replaced by a language of images, it does open doors to new possibilities…

Nonetheless, it’s weird, right? Do you agree? Or am I the only one?


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