Surprise Party Snacks

Another month, another party, I say!

Last weekend I threw a surprise party for my boyfriend and it’s safe to say he was completely baffled when he walked into the room and saw the balloons and his friends. I had never actually planned a surprise party before. I came to find that it was basically like planning my own party, but for someone else.. Shocker there, huh?
But on to the good part! Every time I throw a party, I have to face the question: Booze or food? The answer is usually pretty easy. Food. I enjoy food more than I enjoy alcohol.. and I’m not financially stable enough to be able to provide everything (ha-ha perks of being a student).
So, once I invited everyone I set my thinking cap for the easiest (also easiest to hide) and yummy snacks. This was basically what I came up with:

Tuna and cream cheese turkey pinwheels
This was seriously easy and delicious! So for the cream cheese turkey pinwheels you’ll need: Tortilla wraps, cream cheese (I used one with herbs), and some turkey slices! All you do is spread the cheese on the tortilla, and lay the turkey slices evenly. I sprinkled some dried chives to add a little bit of spark to the pinwheels. When you’re done adding whatever you need to to the tortilla, all you have to do is roll it up in plastic wrap or foil and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that it sticks. When you’re ready to serve it, take it out of the plastic wrap or tin foil and cut them up in 1 inch pieces and ta-da!

For the Tuna pinwheels, follow the exact same instructions above, except spread tuna on the tortilla wrap instead of cream cheese and turkey.
I actually made the Tuna salad from scratch. All I did was get one of those tuna-in-water cans and added the following:

  • about 1-2 tbsp of mayo,
  • 1 tsp of mustard,
  • salt and pepper to taste,
  • sweet chili flakes,
  • 1 tsp lemon juice,
  • cucumber, cut into little cubes

Mix all of that together with the tuna and ta-da! Yummy tuna salad is done!

I also put the tuna salad in a little container with crackers on the side to eat with. It was delicious!

Crackers/cucumbers with hummus dip

I’ve been trying to master the ultimate hummus dip for a while now. I experiment with different ingredients every time. This is what I did on the day of the surprise party:

  • 1 can chick-pea
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tsp hazelnut oil (I’ve used extra virgin olive oil many times and it was delicious)
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • 1/2 tsp sweet chili flakes
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 tbsp water

Add all the ingredients into a food processor and off you go! Pulse until you reach the desired consistency. Add water accordingly. I added too much water to my hummus on the day and found that I should have added just a little less and it would have been perfect! Furthermore, for pesto hummus, add a tbsp of pesto to the mixture in place of the oil and there you’ve got pesto hummus! (Which is also absolutely amazing, in my opinion!)

IMG_6120 (2)

Veggie and Dog Skewers

This is absolutely the easiest snack you can ever make. Since my boyfriend finds cheese appalling, I decided to skip the cheese and think of something else to add to my little “kebabs”. I ended up with olive-cherry tomato-hot dog. I sliced the tomato in half to make a create a more appealing look, and cut up the actual hot dog in, more or less, 1-inch pieces and added that to the skewer (I actually used a toothpick because it was the perfect size but skewer sounds fancier, duh).

IMG_6122 (2)

“Pigs” in a blanket

I’ve been meaning to try this for quite a while after seeing it so often on Pinterest. The reason that pig is in quotation marks is because that’s the actual term for this kind of snack, however, I used chick “hot dogs” so this is technically Chicken in a blanket. But anyway! That’s all formalities, on to the method!
All I needed was a roll of crescent rolls (I got the 24 mini rolls), and hot dogs! I boiled the hot dogs before hand since the crescent rolls don’t take all that much time to bake in the oven. I cut the hot dogs in about 2-inch pieces and rolled them up in the crescent dough. I popped those in the oven according the instructions and they were delicious and done in no-time! You could also add some cream cheese to the dough and then roll the hot dog up and pop it in the oven.

IMG_6121 (2)

Cream cheese turkey crescent rolls

This was basically the same as the “pigs” in the blanket. I spread some cream cheese (I used the one with herbs) on the crescent dough and added little slices of turkey to it. I popped those in the oven and when they came out they were deliciously creamy and satisfying.

Little hot dogs in pink sauce

This is actually a specialty of a friend of mine. It’s so simple, yet addictive. I swear you won’t be able to stop sticking a little toothpick into the bowl and eat a little hot dog. I’m not sure what the English term is for this one but I’m going to try to describe it. First, cut the hot dogs in about 1-inch pieces and boil them. In the mean time, create a pink sauce with even portions of mayonnaise and ketchup. You’ve got to try this one to know when it’s ready. Just mix the mayo and ketchup and add a little bit of salt to taste. You’ve really just got the try the pink sauce and once it tastes good (ketchup shouldn’t be overpowering!) add the boiled hot dogs to the sauce and it’s ready to be served!

I hope you get some inspiration from my experiences! I apologize for the crappy pictures and also the lack of pictures… It was such a busy night! I hope you enjoyed this, nonetheless.

Smile on!



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