Presenting my model: The trees.

A few weeks ago, I took my camera and spontaneously decided to go to the park across my place and take as many pictures as I can before the trees lose their leaves (and before it became dark). It goes without saying that I seriously loved capturing anything that caught my eye (basically everything really). … Continue reading Presenting my model: The trees.


Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Last night, I was browsing Facebook and Pinterest and I came across how to make Oreo Churros. It seemed like such an amazing recipe that would have oh-so-satisfying results. I'm a great lover of classic churros, but Oreo churros sounded even better. I had never tried them before and decided to give it a shot. I … Continue reading Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Emojis are Replacing Words?

Recently, the Oxford Dictionaries announced their word of the year. But guess what! It's not even a word! It's an emoji. This emoji to be specific:  What has this world come to? What happened to language, people?! I guess we are so engrossed in technology on a day to day basis that our method of … Continue reading Emojis are Replacing Words?

Pataks’s Butter Chicken

Recently, I was browsing through the "indian groceries" isle at the local supermarket (Albert Heijn). I usually don't put high hopes in traditional dishes made from packets because they never really taste like the real thing especially when it comes to dishes that involve a plethora of spices. Despite my low expectations for pre-packed pastes … Continue reading Pataks’s Butter Chicken

Indian Night

Every year around Diwali, I plan an Indian dinner for just a couple of my closest friends. I experiment with different Indian recipes and just have a good time celebrating the Hindu festival. I can't deny that it always takes a lot of effort. (I was in the kitchen all day yesterday!) It's only once … Continue reading Indian Night

Happy Diwali!

Oh boy, if I could get a silver coin every time I was asked "What's Diwali anyway?" I would have a lot of silver coins by now, which would have been convenient since my current amount of silver coins at the moment is zero. Diwali or Deepavali fell on the 11th of November this year. The reason … Continue reading Happy Diwali!

Surprise Party Snacks

Another month, another party, I say! Last weekend I threw a surprise party for my boyfriend and it's safe to say he was completely baffled when he walked into the room and saw the balloons and his friends. I had never actually planned a surprise party before. I came to find that it was basically … Continue reading Surprise Party Snacks

Language Problems

What a week its been! Exams and Halloween are just over and I feel swamped in work already! I had been preparing for a group presentation that I had to give today. It's safe to say it was not one of my best presentations, unfortunately. We weren't concise enough and ran out of time... I … Continue reading Language Problems