Cycling in Autumn

I just wanted to add this post as an excuse to share my love for nature at this time of year. I might be coming off as Autumn cray-cray right now but I seriously cannot get over this! I come from a place where it’s Summer all year round and until 4 years ago, I had never experienced anything other than raging heat, blue skies and perspiration. I didn’t appreciate the season of Summer at all. So now, I’m absolutely mesmerised by all seasons, especially Autumn since it’s so colourful and looks nothing like Summer!

On to the story behind this post.. I was cycling back from the university with a friend and we always go through a forest-like path. I say “forest-like” because it’s not a real forest, it just resembles one. So, we hopped off our bikes to admire nature and, of course, to take as many pictures as we could!

2015-10-30 12.06.28
Here I am on my bike!! Desperately trying not to fall off while I turn around for the picture, haha. Such skills I’ve got..

2015-10-30 12.00.46

2015-10-30 12.00.58

2015-10-30 12.06.31
This is supposed to be a panorama, by the way. I realise it doesn’t exactly look like one right now.

I’m actually so proud of myself for actually cycling to university! The weather could seriously not be any better this past week! The weather has been cool enough for a light jacket but not “omg-im-freezing-i-need-my-gloves” cold. The sun has showed its face almost every day and it brightens up the colours even more!

2015-10-30 12.08.07

2015-10-30 12.14.00

2015-10-30 12.14.33
2015-10-30 12.17.23 I just couldn’t stop staring at the trees..

2015-10-30 12.14.46

2015-10-30 12.15.05

Sorry for the not so good quality of the pictures.. hehe. It was a spur of the moment- thing! And all I had at the time was my phone.. But I love them nonetheless..

I’m curious.. is there anyone out there that is as bat-crazy about Autumn as I am?

Also, I thought I could share my song of the day!

It’s quite slow, but I’m addicted! I heard it on the Teen Wolf soundtrack. (I’ve been binge watching… I’ve still got a season to go until I’ve completely caught up!)

Breathe by Of Verona

Keep smiling!



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