Autumn Decor

Well hello! It’s just another day in the lovely season of Autumn..


Is it just me or am I the only one who gets urged to clean and tidy up everything in my studio apartment? I could be lying in my pig-stein of a dump all week(s) but the minute I make plans with someone I jump to tidy every little nook of my room. I’m talking about places that I KNOW no one besides myself will ever see. Nonetheless, it’s a good push to get my arse off that chair (or bed) and make a nice place for myself.


Not only does it include a neater residence but it also motivates me to go out of my way to make my apartment a cozier place. Things that have been on my to-do list regarding decor finally get done!

2015-10-26 13.54.06

So I hopped on my bike because it was such a lovely day today (who knew Autumn could be so warm?) and went to the nearest shopping mall. There I bought some artificial Autumn leaves on a stick, fairy lights, some cinnamon scented candles (because lets be honest, you can never have too many candles) and some other irrelevant things like food and treats.

Before I started my creative afternoon, I took a pot and filled that up with water, say about half way? I added some orange (About 3/4 of an orange cut up into a couple of pieces), half of an apple (also cut up in three pieces), some cloves and cinnamon. Adding cinnamon sticks really make a difference, but my cinnamon sticks have somehow disappeared from my kitchen so I had to make do with ground cinnamon, which also did the trick! I let this mixture simmer for a couple of hours in my kitchen and it basically left this amazing Autumn-y scent all over my apartment. It’s so good when you’ve run out of candles. Or when you do have candles but still want your place to smell like a Autumn bakery and let your neighbours know it as well.

2015-10-27 14.01.57

I know it looks kind of gross, but trust me, it smells heavenly!

My empty flower vase was screaming for a new bouquet but all I wanted was some fallen leaves.. So the artificial leaves I bought satisfied the needs of my vase and now looks perfectly cute on my radiator, which adds some colour to a blank wall.

I also made my very own frame of leaves. I had bought some mini artificial leaves before to decorate my tray and make it fall-themed. I took one of my copper photo frames and stuck little leaves with some glue to a piece of paper (that would obviouslt fit the frame). And ta-da! That was done (and easy!) Since I’m not allowed to make holes into my wall (except for this wooden ledge that surrounds the upper part of my room) I taped the frame to the wall in front of my desk.

The next thing I did was We-heart-it inspired. I took a quote that recently caught my eye and wrote that with a black sharpie on an A4. I then taped some washi-tape on the upper and bottom edges of the A4. I taped that piece of paper next to my leaves photo frame.

2015-10-27 14.03.02

I feel like something is missing so I’m going to add something else to my wall.. I just don’t know what yet.

On another note! Look at this adorable board I found at Starbucks! I think this is by far my favourite Autumn design. It was while I was waiting for my very first PSL of the year! And I was definitely pumped.

“espresso patronum” Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? (Even though Dobby looks kind of weirdly like a creepy grandpa. Nevertheless, I could never conjure up anything like that. My drawing would be more like a stick with ears.)

2015-10-24 14.26.51

Okay. I’m going to stop with my hushing about pumpkin spiced latte and Harry Potter.




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