Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes with a Big Hint of Apples

Can we please talk about what a huge difference a little fruit and some seasoning can make to simple old pancakes?


Adding pumpkin pie spice to an ordinary dish makes it somehow extraordinary. It might be because of the falling leaves and the colours that they give off. I might be deemed as one of “those” people but hey, fall makes me happy and so does pumpkin pie spice that comes with it! I am a firm believer of h a p p i n e s s. And it so happens to be that pumpkin pie spice adds a dash of happiness to my daily life.

So this time I took the simplest pancakes and added a tsp of pumpkin pie spice to the batter. I poured some of the mixture to my  hot pan and added some thinly sliced apples to the top of the pancake while it was still wet.

After I was done with my apple pancakes, I had some more of apple left. What I did next was I put a tsp of butter and let the pieces of apple fry a little. I added a dash of cinammon to that as well making them caramalized apples.

And my pumpkin spiced apple pancakes were done!

I put some powdered sugar over the pancakes because that’s the Dutch way and washed it down with my own version of Pumpkin Spiced Coffee.


I made another cup of delicious coffee for my boyfriend and the whipped cream was just perfect on this one I couldn’t resist taking a picture.. Also, this is my favourite mug!

IMG_5875Apple Pancakes

Keep smiling!



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