A Post of Appreciation for Mother Nature

This time of year, when the cold and wet days and nights finally dawn upon us, the complaints seem to linger in the air everywhere I go. Manipulating me into joining the  chorus of protest against the change in season. Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t complain about the cold, harsh air against my skin and not to mention the frustration of having to dump a wet umbrella into my bag every time I entered a room. Or worse, having forgotten my umbrella and entering a room completely drenched in icy water. The sudden drop in temperature doesn’t come as a happy event to anyone. But there are ways to appreciate the sudden drop in temperature and dead leaves falling everywhere.


Oh happy day! Trousers!

First and foremost, it might be because I’m a girl but I am absolutely jubilant to wear long trousers (and thus leaving no obligation for shaving my legs!). Can I get a hallelujah! My legs have been through enough agony over the Summer, especially since I’ve got a skin condition and any type of hair removal physically hurts for weeks. Hurrah for long pants!

“Come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things”

Since its cold outside, the first thing I do when I come home is switch on the water boiler for some warm and yummy tea. I absolutely love trying out new flavours of tea and usually get obsessed with a couple over the season. This season it has been Mint and Earl Grey. I know they are relatively simple and generic tea flavours, but honestly, I was never really into them before this year.

I do not own this picture

You scream, I scream, We all scream for.. chocolate.

Drop in temperature means I want more chocolate! And oh, does chocolate taste so much better now. Chocolate is what makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It has actually been proven to make a person feel emotionally better… Chocolate is the remedy to all your worries! Okay, maybe not the remedy, but it sure can make you feel loads better!

Pumpkin flavoured EVERYTHING

This might be a total cliché but I love everything pumpkin, hence my favourite season! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice everything! Bless the soul that invented pumpkin spice.. I love experimenting with new recipes and this time of year gives me a reason to experiment with everything pumpkin! Of course, Pinterest is the best help I could ever ask for. I actually recently made this amazing, heart-and-stomach warming pumpkin lentil soup. It was the perfect meal for a dark and cozy evening. I am also planning on making a no-bake pumpkin pie soon. Considering the fact that my kitchen is suffering the absence of an oven, I am extremely grateful for Pinterest and all its no-bake recipes I can experiment with!


Scary Halloween films

The dark weather automatically comes with eerie dark Halloween films. The cold air outside is something we all want to avoid and at this time of year, our beds seem to be a whole lot more appealing that going outside and doing a BBQ. What better way than to cozy up with some tea and blankets than with a scary classic! I recently watched the 1958 Dracula for the first time. I absolutely loved it, albeit the absence of actual fright. It was rather intriguing and quite suspenseful, but not exactly frightening. Nonetheless a good film! Scary films are always a thrill, but to be completely honest, I’m one of those wimpy girls who actually thoroughly enjoy kids’ Halloween films. One of my absolute favourites that I must see every year is Hocus Pocus. Any stories about witches and magic will have my full attention!



So many books, so little time

I can’t say I didn’t get a chance to read during the Summer, but reading while huddled up in blankets is just much more appealing rather than sweating my pants off in the heat. I was having my own little reading session a couple of days ago. Earl grey, pepernoten/kruidnoten (a Dutch speciality, a type of spiced or ginger nuts/cookies) and The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Francis Beaumont. A play I was required to read for class. I honestly enjoyed this play. Its absurdity and satirical comedy make it thoroughly enjoyable.


Autumn decor

As can be seen from the previous picture, I’ve obviously decorated my room Autumn and Halloween themed. My room doesn’t exactly scream Autumn in bold letters but there are hints of it here and there, which I fully intend on making more prominent. I absolutely adore the orange, yellow, and red colours of the leaves and have made it my mission to decorate my room appropriately once I am financially more stable. There are so many DIY tutorials available online, I’m going crazy! I can’t wait to make my very own cozy pillows, make my own canvas, and my very own candles!

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but it’s safe to say Autumn is definitely my favourite season of the year despite the gloomy weather and the fact that I am prone to having many more of “those days”. I try to focus on all the things that make me happy about the season and the weather, which definitely help in keeping those gloomy days away.

Keep smiling!


(I don’t take credit for the pictures above)

2015-10-10 12.40.47


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