Here we go!

So, here goes.
After various seemingly fruitless attempts I finally came around to starting a blog. Having been inspired by all the Youtubers I watch and the blogs I read I thought I’d start one of my own since I love writing. Letting my thoughts out into the open about food, books, university, beauty, and just life in general has always seemed appealing to me, hence the diary hidden in my drawer. That is not to say that I’m going to rant my heart out about my puny little problems on here, because let’s face it, no one likes a Betty downer. But I might want to let out some thoughts about my daily experiences. As an international student here in the Netherlands, I encountered quite a bit of culture shock. I have a wide and flavourful background myself, if I can say that… Growing up with different cultures was not all that challenging, however, moving to the other side of the globe and making a life on my own in this cold hard country was. I’ve had my fair share of experiences and would like to share it with others. That doesn’t mean that I won’t have my occasional fangirling session or hushing (or not so hushing) reviews about the latest makeup I bought or comic/book I read. So, I’ve started this for all things life. I’m not expecting anyone to read this, but to stay on the safe side I prefer to leave my identity disclosed. Because in this day and age… you never really know what will happen, do you?


4 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. Love this! I have also had some failed attempts with blogging hahaha. It gets hard sometimes with school. I recently just got back into blogging and have found it extremely therapeutic! I hope you keep going and wish you good luck on your future endeavors. Can’t wait to read what you write next! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! Hahah I’ve been so busy with school and everything else that sometimes I forget about blogging but I still look forward to it. I know what you mean by it feeling so therapeutic! I completely agree! Thanks, I hope I keep going because I’m really enjoying it right now. I hope you do too!


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